Agenda item

Portfolio Holders' Update

An opportunity for the Portfolio Holder’s to provide an update to the Panel on developments within their portfolio.


The Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economy provided an update on the key areas within his portfolio. The main points were as follows:


·       The Local plan review had now begun with updates to be given to Panel in future months.


·       The first meeting of the Totton Regeneration Partnership had occurred, with the aim of assessing where to focus improvements to Totton Centre. £136,000 had been provided for ‘quick wins’ that had been designated alongside the Town council for Summer 2024.


·       The shop doctor scheme had engaged 32 businesses and feedback would be provided shortly to those participants along with the Mystery Shopper scheme returning for 2024.


·       The Rural England prosperity fund was open for businesses with information on how to apply available on the Council’s website. Some money from this had been re-allocated for community use as take up from businesses not as strong.


·       Information on ready to start apprenticeships and the Council’s skills hub was now available on the Council’s website. 50 businesses had signed up to the apprenticeship scheme.


·       On CIL funding, the final list of projects splitting the £1mil CIL fund stood at 26.


Following the update from the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economy, members of the Panel were able to make comments and ask questions. These were as follows:


·       On Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), it was explained that the majority of the listed targets were marked as ‘green’. The measures listed currently related to the existing Corporate Plan and some of the indicators were marked as grey as they had not reached the end of the measuring period. The new Corporate Plan with its new set of measures was currently being drafted and therefore the KPI list would be revised in the near future.


·       The Panel heard that a KPI could be set on the take up of the Council’s newsletter.


The Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability gave an update on the key pieces of work that had been undertaken recently within his portfolio. These were as follows:


·       Following the Waste Strategy approval at February Council, preparations were underway ahead of the key service change in 2025. Messaging and communications were to be constant and consistent with all information kept up to date online and disseminated to all town and Parish Councils, residents newsletter and  as well as all social media channels.


·       Conversations regarding the waste strategy were being monitored and the ‘Change is Coming’ campaign would be underway in Summer 2024.


·       The Portfolio Holder met members of the New Forest litter pickers and other volunteer groups to discuss the challenges of collecting and disposing of litter, including the sharing of ideas and best practice tips on how to reduce litter. Thanks was given to all of the volunteers across the District who worked hard to keep the District clean. The NFDC Street Scene Team were working hard to remove litter before the Easter Break.


·       On fly tipping, several occurrences had been reported and thanks were given to the team that had proactively been to clear the fly tipped items as well as search for the individuals who had left the rubbish.


Following the update, members of the Panel asked questions and made comments, which were as follows:


·       A question was asked on the closure of tips at Somerley and Marchwood. It was explained that a corporate response was being drafted on these issues following conversations with Hampshire County Council on the closure of the tips. The HCC panel meeting to consider these budgeting issues would be held on 28 March 2024.


·       A comment on staff training and the handling of the Council’s website was acknowledged by the Portfolio Holder and would be taken away for response shortly.



The Panel noted the Portfolio Holders’ Update.

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